Accelerate digital adoption by empowering your employees to collaborate and be productive

Turn your workspace into places where IT knowledge never stops growing.

Skill building: quick and effective.

In a fast-paced world, users often find themselves overwhelmed by extensive training modules that consume valuable time.

Our IT Continuous Learning Campaign (CLC) introduces Campaigned Learning, a revolutionary approach to learning.

Learning Campaigns contain 5-20-minute microlearning modules, delivered directly to users, designed to fit into busy schedules.

Microlearning modules provide succinct lessons where learners oversee their learning. Learning is supported with engaging activities designed to apply newly acquired skills and frequent quizzes are crafted to enable retakes so learners can learn from their own mistakes.

Microlearning modules align with the way busy workers are wired to learn and expected to perform in the workplace.

Tip-Based Modern Learning: Learn in Minutes.

Not knowing about new modern workplace productivity features is a common roadblock to unleashing your workplace productivity.

Our Tip of the Day learning paths are the answer, instructing users on how to use new functionality designed expedite their everyday tasks.

From beginner to advanced levels, these tips empower users to master functionality that enhances workplace productivity.

The result is a workplace where everyone's on their A-game and in the know.

Coaching: Enhance Your Skills.

Adapting to new and constantly updated applications can sometimes require more than self-guided learning.

Our CLC's coaching feature bridges this gap, supporting coaching by peers or support resources.

This personalized approach allows users to register for coaching, mark their skills, and allocate time on the coaching schedule.

It's like turning your office into a mini-university, where learning never stops, and everyone has access to personal guidance.

Use the Video Reference Library to reshape the Forgetting Curve.

The human brain can’t possibly remember everything. When users forget specific processes and functionalities, they simply need to search the vast video library.

Users don’t have to scroll endlessly through courses they have already completed to refresh the information that they have forgotten. All microlearning lessons are searchable and can be easily accessed again and again.

It's like having a tech guru personally guide you through each process--as many times as you need it.

Load & Go - "Built to Integrate."

Integrating new learning content with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) can be a complex task.

Our "Load & Go" feature simplifies this process.

If your existing LMS can accept external content, you'll be able to integrate seamlessly with our Continuous Learning Center.

Simply select the content, and we'll send SCORM files formatted to embed content with links that navigate to your IT Continuous Learning Center.

It's seamless, users will not even know that they have navigated away from your LMS.

It's like upgrading your learning infrastructure without the usual hassles.

Learn how to Accelerate Knowledge in your business.

In this no-cost, 45-minute assessment, we'll help you identify your training gaps and quantify the productivity impact.