Case study: Global software company

See how we transformed a software company's outdated self-help section into engaging videos in multiple languages, boosting user satisfaction and efficiency.

Client Background:

A significant player in the global software industry was grappling with challenges in their self-help knowledge section. The existing content was not only poorly organized but also outdated and irrelevant. The pain points included:

  • Complexity in usage
  • Lack of updated information
  • Inaccessibility in multiple languages

The Challenge:

Faced with 897 English knowledge articles filled with broken links, overextended pages, and mere replications of agent knowledge, the company sought a partner who could transform these articles into something useful and engaging. The existing state of content had led to non-utilization by end users.

The Solution:

Knowledge Accelerators took on the challenge and, within a few months, delivered:

  • 8,724 Video How-Tos: Short, one to two-minute videos were scripted to align with how people process and retain information.
  • 1,350 Troubleshooting Video Topics: Customized to address specific issues.
  • Multi-Language Support: Over 1,000,000 words were translated to make the content accessible in five languages.
  • User Engagement: In a span of 30 days, the videos were accessed 4,863 times, reflecting the efficacy of the transformation.

The Results:

The collaboration yielded notable results:

  • Workforce Efficiency: Reduction of 4 Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs), optimizing resource allocation.
  • Increased End User Satisfaction: The content became consistently relevant, up-to-date, and easier to understand.
  • Positive Feedback from End Users: Comments from users reflected the positive impact of the transformation, including remarks such as:
    • "This is good information for those of us who don’t utilize these functions nearly enough."
    • "Very clear and easy to understand."
    • "Easy to understand and very direct."
    • "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

This case study exemplifies how Knowledge Accelerators can transform complex and disorganized information into engaging, relevant, and easily digestible content. The rapid turnaround, focus on user understanding, and commitment to quality not only fulfilled the client's requirements but also created a significant impact on end-user satisfaction and efficiency.