Streamline software learning & reduce IT calls with our how-to video library

Your key to unleashing productivity and enhancing the user experience.

Get rid of outdated video tutorials and ancient manuals.

In today's fast-paced world, staying updated with the latest software can be a daunting task. Outdated manuals and generic tutorials often lead to confusion and wasted time.

Knowledge Accelerators brings you a how-to video library that synchronizes with workplace learning needs.

The vast library integrates into your existing systems (Chat bots, ITSM, Microsoft 365, Desktop Office apps) to provide your workforce with the world’s largest and most up-to-date software video library.

Imagine having access to a video library that keeps up with the speed of change, to ensure that your workforce embraces the software you’ve already paid for.

Move from endless IT calls to instant answers.

Is your support team inundated with support calls that could be easily resolved by providing users with access to updated and reliable self-help?

Today’s tech savvy users are not just ready for self-service, they demand it.

Our how-to video library is designed for immediate support.

See it, hear it, do it!

Our multimedia approach ensures that users can view the process, hear the explanation, and perform the task effortlessly.

Transition from scattered resources to streamlined support.

Searching for answers in bulky manuals or scattered and often unreliable online resources like ChatGPT and Google can be a nightmare.

What if you could find precise well-curated answers in seconds?

Arranged in single question-answer pairs, our video library is concise, allowing users to quickly find the answers they can ALWAYS rely on.

From novice to expert, we provide "Comprehensive Support" that can be integrated into various platforms like ServiceNow, Teams, SharePoint, and more. 

It's a revolution in support, turning your office into a mini-university where learning never stops and questions don't go unanswered.

Stay ahead with a library that grows at the speed of the industry.

Trying to learn from outdated content can be as frustrating as trying to cook a new recipe with expired ingredients.

Eliminate this frustration by integrating our video library and training materials.

All changes to common cloud-based applications like Microsoft Office 365 are documented in the video library within days of release. 

Don’t worry about refreshing the video library in your integrated systems, updates are automatically applied.

It's like having a library that grows with the industry, ensuring that your users are never left behind. 

Learn how to Accelerate Knowledge in your business.

In this no-cost, 45-minute assessment, we'll help you identify your training gaps and quantify the productivity impact.