Together we can create an integrated solution that takes advantage of the systems you already own

Pay for one integration and get the rest for free!

Maximize Software Adoption and Minimize Inefficiency

Whether you decide to integrate with existing systems or fully implement our IT Continuous Learning Center, you will reap the benefits of reduced training and support costs while driving digital adoption.

Let’s work together to create an integrated solution that takes advantage of the systems you already own. 

Load and Go ITSM and HRIS integration.

Whether you use ServiceNow or any other ITSM or HRIS platform, you have two integration choices: XML imports with scheduled updates or API integration. Both solutions are simple, automated, and we keep your content up to date.  Click here to watch a video with a description of our system and integrations.

AI that makes an impact.

Our structured content is designed to accelerate training your chat bot or virtual assistant. Take advantage of the customizable metadata that makes ingestion and searchability ideal for you. Simple to customize, automated updates, and we keep your content current.

Load and Go LMS Integration.

Cornerstone, Viva, or any existing LMS that accepts SCORM compliant files allow you to integrate seamlessly.

Simply select the Microlearning Modules, and we send you the SCORM files. We work with you to customize the specification in 1-2 sessions and set the automatic updates.

Simple to integrate, automated updates, and we keep your content up to date. 

Embedded Support.

Outlook, Word, Excel, and many other applications that accept embedded support plugins are simple integrations for learning in the workflow.  

An Office Administrator can add the embedded support to the application plugin list. You have integration in the workflow, automated updates, and we keep everything up-to-date.

We can even suggest training courses if your team wants to know more. Let them accelerate their learning. 

All this delivers maximum satisfaction, accelerated adoption, and minimum user frustration. We Integrate with what you already own, Automate delivery, and Update at the speed of your business!

Learn how to Accelerate Learning in your business.

In this no-cost, 45-minute assessment, we'll help you identify your training gaps and quantify the productivity impact.