Machine Learning Campaigns are easy to set up and implement.

The transformation is immediate:

Learners no longer dread lengthy training but embrace these bite-sized learning experiences,  and L&D and IT management teams marvel at how they can effectively evaluate the transfer of learning to the workplace using AI integration with Microsoft Graph.

When users are not optimizing the software they are expected to use, machine learning campaigns are generated and delivered straight to the users who need them most.

Our Microsoft 365 usage reports provide you with the insight you need to know how your users are adopting Microsoft 365. We don’t store the date from your organization, we simply give you permission to analyze it.

Microsoft 365 Usage Report:

Analysis of your Microsoft 365 usage provides you with the information you need to set up automated Machine learning campaigns. Simply set the parameters, select the campaign you would like to launch, and the rest is done for you. Your users begin to receive campaigns based on the conditions you set.

Automated Machine Learning Campaigns:

*Data is anonymized and is displayed, not stored.