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Modern Workplace video microlearning for maximum adoption that integrates with systems you already own!

Video Content is structured to align with brain science regarding the way people process and retain information. More than 27,000 Videos; 500 Topics, and 300+ Skill Tracks/microlearning courses. Knowledge Factory software and distribution processes enable us to create knowledge with quick cycle times and consistent quality so that it can be integrated with systems you ALREADY OWN. Improve productivity, increase skills retention, and reduce helpdesk calls by integrating our vast Knowledge Base.

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Custom Capture and Content Conversion

Our vigorous content creation service offers bulk conversion of your custom content and knowledge into microlearning video animations that are updated, maintained, and distributed to the systems you already own. We maintain them in a single location for consistency and cost reductions.

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Continuous Learning Campaign (CLC)

The Continuous Learning Campaign (CLC) is a New Way to Learn: designed for the speed of the Cloud. Syncing skill building, coaching, a video reference library, and the Tip of the Day along with other features to cause a demand pull by end users, in order to enhance productivity. 

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Agent Continuous Learning Campaign (ACLC) Specialized Agent Learning Center

Designed for the continuous delivery of First Call Resolution (FCR) Campaigns, preemptive application update alerts, QA remediation, and New Hire Soft Skills/Customer Service and Technical Training. We have trained more than 10,000 agents!

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• Reduce IT support costs • Increase employee output • Nurture continuous learning • Foster the self-help habit

About us

Championing knowledge for 20+ years!

Syncing people with must-know software knowledge has been our objective since 1997. During our knowledge-delivering journey, we have discovered that we are ALL visual learners. YouTube wasn't invented when we started; they proved the desire for ubiquitous how-to videos as a learning exchange platform. We focus on the corporate B2B end of adult learning and nurturing.

We began developing a "Knowledge Factory" over 20 years ago, with the belief that knowledge could be generated from manufacturing concepts: standardize, mechanize, and automate - in that order! Since our founding date, we have added, modified, and re-written the 'Knowledge Factory' software system 10 times. Our platform delivers consistency, quality, and speed when cultivating knowledge that is optimized for training, assistance, and employee support systems.

When it comes to assistance, our trainees are ready to help with any software-related concerns. Our support staff learns about a particular software program as our clients; using our skill building software to further hone their skill set. We document all of our trainees learning progressions and transform it into a standardized learning format, so repetitive learning patterns can be established. This is why our help desk is effective at identifying problems and resolving them with simple solutions.

In the Sunshine State [St. Petersburg, FL], we deploy our products to over 4,000,000 people in 25+ countries.
Our mission is simple: We make delivering knowledge fast, easy, affordable, global, and.. FUN! "It's What We Do!"


Knowledge Accelerators is an OEM and has been in the business of inspiring End Users to adopt new software functionalities for more than 20 years, supporting over 4 million desktops! We work with innovative organizations and partners all over the world to blend our content and campaigns into programs to meet the unique needs of today's workforce. Organizations now support the needs of four generations of users working in an ever changing cloud-based environment, training has never been more challenging! Together, we can offer a robust, agile, multi-touch and multi-approach program that integrates with systems our clients already own!

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