Case study: Global testing organization

See how we unlocked the full potential of digital tools through brain-science aligned learning campaigns

Client Background:

Our client is a large global testing organization with more than 35,000 users spread across multiple regions. They were struggling with the adoption of Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams within their workforce. The organization needed a solution that could not only improve user adoption rates but also align with their diverse linguistic needs.

The Challenge:

The client faced significant challenges in getting their employees to fully utilize OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Despite having these tools at their disposal, the workforce was not leveraging them to their full potential. The organization was particularly concerned about:

  • Low engagement in Teams chats, calls, and meetings
  • Minimal activity in OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Lack of self-support, leading to an overload on their ticketing tool, ServiceNow
The Solution:

We implemented our unique training methodology, which is rooted in brain science and adult learning preferences. Our approach included:

  • Microlearning Lessons: Designed to avoid information overload and aligned with research-based strategies like spaced repetition and distributed practice.
  • Learning Campaigns: These were scheduled over a 60-day period and aimed at creating behavioral change rather than one-off learning events.
  • Live Coaching-Click to Talk: Integrated one-on-one coaching for when learners needed it the most.
  • Multilingual Support: Learning campaigns were delivered in eight different languages to cater to the global workforce.
The Results:

Results were measured 90 days post-training using our reporting tools integrated with Microsoft Graph. The client saw significant improvements in user adoption:

Teams Usage

MS Teams usage saw significant improvements, with private chats increasing by 23%, channel chats by 18%, and calls by 10%.

Additionally, the number of Teams meetings decreased by 2%, suggesting more efficient collaboration among team members.

Private chats


Teams channel chats


Teams calls increase


Teams meetings decrease

OneDrive Activity

OneDrive activity experienced robust growth, with a 14% increase in both view/edit and synced files.

Sharing activity also surged, with internal shares rising by 30% and external file sharing skyrocketing by 43%.

View/Edit increase


Synced files increase


Internal share increase


External share increase

SharePoint Activity

SharePoint activity showed notable gains, with a 9% increase in view/edit actions and an 11% rise in synced files.

Sharing capabilities were particularly enhanced, as internal shares grew by 20% and external shares soared by an impressive 66%.

View/Edit increase


Synced files increase


Internal share increase


External share increase


External share increase


Additionally, after integrating with their ticketing tool, ServiceNow, there was a noticeable increase in self-support. The most accessed self-help videos included topics like "Connect to a VPN," "Reset My Login Password," and "Set up Outlook to Access Microsoft 365 Mail," which aligned clearly with ticket deflection.


Our unique training methodology led to a significant increase in user adoption across Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The client also saw a boost in self-support, as evidenced by the most accessed self-help videos, which directly correlated with a reduction in ServiceNow tickets. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of our learning campaigns in not only improving tool adoption but also in empowering users to self-serve, thereby reducing the burden on IT support.

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