ServiceNow End-User Videos

ServiceNow End-User Videos

Knowledge Accelerators provides a how-to video library that is scripted to sync with the way adults process and retain information. This library is designed to help users with onboarding, migrations, how-to support, and continuous learning. The content/articles import into ServiceNow's end-user self-service portals with one-click ease.

See It, Hear It, Do It! - "Quick Answers"

When you have a software inquiry, multimedia allows you to witness the process, hear the explanation, and perform the task.

Arranged in single question-answer pairs, the Video Tutorial library is granular, concise, and targeted to allow you to find just the answer! Each video tutorial can be directly accessed. This allows your team to reuse all the content and build customized training and support materials.

Novice to Expert - "Comprehensive Support"

Boosting productivity is crucial for any organization, but it can be a hassle to achieve, due to the disparities in software comprehension. The Video Tutorial library allows new users to be trained quickly and supports experienced users as well!

If you are looking for more formal training experiences for your users, you will have the option to integrate to the KAS (Knowledge Accelerator System) site where users can enroll in self-serve training, providing them with lessons, activities, and opportunities to rethink what they have learned.

Load & Go - "Built to Integrate"

The Video Tutorial library can quickly be deployed using an industry standard XML file format. Simply import the XML files to add the text-based solutions into the ServiceNow application. End users will be able to easily find solutions/articles using the search function.

Scheduled import updates can be setup, so your knowledge base will always be up-to-date. Updates can be set to be retrieved weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Incident Integration on KAS Homepage

The KA Widget uses an API to retrieve articles from the Knowledge Acceleration System’s vast video software library. Agents within ServiceNow can utilize the KA Widget to attach articles to open tickets for problem resolution.

The multimedia library is available for most popular desktop and mobile applications:

  • MS Office 365
  • Windows 10
  • macOS Sierra
  • macOS Mojave
  • iOS 11
  • iOS 12
  • IBM Connections
  • MS Power BI Desktop
  • MS Office 2010; 2013; 2016
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox Quantum, Microsoft Edge