MML: Multimedia Libraries

IBM, Microsoft, and Rational are just some of the available MMLs. 

Each of our Multimedia Libraries contains at least 2 courses, 10 lessons, and over 500 "movies" that provide beginner, intermediate, and master users, with the learning and support they need to accelerate the adoption of new software features.

See it, Hear it, Do it! - "Maximum Learning"

When you have a software inquiry, the Multimedia Library [MML] allows you to witness the process, hear the explanation, and perform the task.

Arranged in single question-answer pairs, the MML is granular, concise, and targeted to allow you to find just the answer! Each video tutorial can be directly accessed. This allows your team to reuse all of the content and build customized training and support materials. 

Research has shown that people retain 20% of what is heard, 50% of what is seen + heard, and up to 90% of what is seen, heard, and done. By actively engaging multiple senses, the MML gives your brain the opportunity to gain and retain the information for maximum learning. 

Novice to Expert - "Ramp Faster, Drive Deeper"

Boosting productivity is crucial for any organization, but it can be a hassle to achieve, due to the disparities in software comprehension. The MML allows new users to be trained quickly and support experienced users with new tips and tricks. 

Our new Training Toolkit provides reusable learning objects and customizable training aids in PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF formats to assist trainers and support teams in developing client specific programs.

Studies have shown that efficiency and quality of work improve when users are able to find the answers and understand them in a short amount of time. With thousands of short video tutorials, MML is the perfect self-service training and support solution for beginners to experts.

Just-in-Time - "The Facts"

In a demanding world, everyone is seeking the efficient training and support tools. The MML empowers end users to resolve software-learning conflicts instantly, thus increasing productivity. 

The solutions are organized into 3 parts:

  • Topics
  • Lessons
  • Courses

These sections allow end users to learn as much as needed - based on time and requirements. 

Load & Go - "Built to Integrate"

The MML provides users software migration solutions that can quickly be deployed as an industry standard Help File, or be seamlessly integrated into any search platform - developed using standard HTML, XML, and Flash programs for deployment of the multimedia through email distribution, printing of self-help tools, and much more! Integrate the MML into Lotus Notes, by utilizing an MML widget or Notes plug-in. Users can quickly answer software-related problems right from their desktop or mobile device.

Global - "Local Product, Local Language"

Providing international software training and support is more accessible with MMLs that are available in 11 languages:

  • Italian
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish 
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Canadian French
  • Chines Traditional
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Latin American Spanish

Over 30,000 multimedia audio and matched text solutions have been translated using local language interfaces and native speakers to communicate the answer for a beneficial training and support experience. Help your global software users with transcribed MMLs.