LMS Integration

LMS Integration

Select from over 200 Skill Tracks and Guided Learning Paths. These training support resources are offered in Learning progressions allowing users to “grow” their skills over time while taking advantage of the self-directed nature of adult learners.

See it, Hear it, Do it! - "Maximum Learning"

When you are ready to learn more, Skill Tracks and Guided Learning Paths allow you to witness the process, hear the explanation, and perform the task. Research has shown that people retain 20% of what is heard, 50% of what is seen + heard, and up to 90% of what is seen, heard, and done.

Novice to Expert - "Ramp Faster, Drive Deeper"

Boosting productivity is crucial for any organization, but it can be a hassle to achieve, due to the disparities in software comprehension. Offering learning progressions creates pathways for learners to travel as they progress toward mastery of the skills needed!

Studies have shown that efficiency and quality of work improve when users are able to find the right learning support resources and understand them in a short amounts of time. Skill Tracks and Guided Learning Paths are the perfect self-directed training and support solutions for beginners to experts designed to be consumed in short spurts.

Load & Go - "Built to Integrate"

If your existing LMS has the ability to accept external content, you will be able to integrate with our Continuous Learning Center; select the content and we will send you your SCORM files formatted to embed content with links to launch in our Continuous Learning Center. Upon successful user completion, your LMS will automatically update.  

*Specific configuration and settings will be tested as part of early implementation tasks.