Continuous Learning Campaign (CLC)

Continuous Learning Campaign (CLC)

To mount a campaign, you need a well-thought-out plan that syncs with end users' software learning during their time of need. This requires an adaptable approach, where the user is in control: providing the opportunity to participate in small ‘bite-sized’ chunks of learning.

Skill Building: Users today admit they are too busy to use a LMS and desire quick learning tools. Our CLC provides microlearning modules called Skill Tracks; designed for 20 minutes of learning. Skill Tracks contain lessons, activities, assessments, and coaching.

Tip-Based Learning: Our prebuilt Tip of the Day learning paths lead users through the key functions needed to complete important tasks in 3-minute increments. We possess a comprehensive set of learning paths from beginner to advanced for IT desktop and mobile applications.

Coaching: Most of today's applications require users to work differently. Some users will require coaching to enhance their learning. Our CLC supports coaching by peers or support resources. This allows users to register for coaching, mark their skills, and allocate time on the coaching schedule.

Video Reference Library: When you have a software-related question, multimedia lets you see the process, hear the explanation, and then do the task. Today's users want to watch short videos to learn, and our solution provides access to over 50,000 videos categorized by application or subject. Users can simply search by keywords or browse the library by category.

Load & Go - "Built to Integrate": If your existing LMS has the ability to accept external content, you will be able to integrate with our Continuous Learning Center; select the content and we will send you your SCORM files formatted to embed content with links to launch in our Continuous Learning Center. Upon successful user completion, your LMS will automatically update.

*Specific configuration and settings will be tested as part of early implementation tasks.