Agent Continuous Learning Campaign (ACLC) Specialized Agent Learning Center

Agent Continuous Learning Campaign (ACLC)   Specialized Agent Learning Center

To mount a campaign, you need a well-thought-out plan that syncs with top call drivers. This requires an adaptable approach, providing the opportunity to participate in small ‘bite-sized’ chunks of learning during slow call times.

Skill Building: Designed for 5- 20 minutes of weekly learning. Skill Tracks contain lessons, activities, assessments, and coaching so learning can be practiced and evaluated.

Tip-Based Learning: Prebuilt Tip of the Day/week leads agents through key call drivers, software, updates, and customer service tips.

Coaching: ACLC supports coaching and mentoring allowing agents to register for coaching/mentoring for skills evaluations!

Customer Service Fundamentals: Provide your agents access to Customer Service Fundamentals, the highly rated course created by Knowledge Accelerators hosted on Coursera

Video Reference Library: Multimedia allows agents to see the process, hear the explanation, and then practice. Even agents should watch short videos to learn. After training Agents can simply search by keywords to refresh their memories.