About us

Championing knowledge for 20+ years!

Syncing people with must-know software knowledge has been our objective since 1997. During our knowledge-delivering journey, we have discovered that we are ALL visual learners. YouTube wasn't invented when we started; they proved the desire for ubiquitous how-to videos as a learning exchange platform. We focus on the corporate B2B end of adult learning and nurturing.

We began developing a "Knowledge Factory" over 20 years ago, with the belief that knowledge could be generated from manufacturing concepts: standardize, mechanize, and automate - in that order! Since our founding date, we have added, modified, and re-written the 'Knowledge Factory' software system 10 times. Our platform delivers consistency, quality, and speed when cultivating knowledge that is optimized for training, assistance, and employee support systems.

When it comes to assistance, our trainees are ready to help with any software-related concerns. Our support staff learns about a particular software program as our clients; using our skill building software to further hone their skill set. We document all of our trainees learning progressions and transform it into a standardized learning format, so repetitive learning patterns can be established. This is why our help desk is effective at identifying problems and resolving them with simple solutions.

In the Sunshine State [St. Petersburg, FL], we deploy our products to over 4,000,000 people in 25+ countries.
Our mission is simple: We make delivering knowledge fast, easy, affordable, global, and.. FUN! "It's What We Do!"